CommUNITYworX brings together high school youth from across racial and socioeconomic barriers to build relationships with “the other” in a safe and trusting setting.

Through meaningful dialogue, community service, and intensive reflection on the intersections of faith and social justice, this program enables participants to challenge the status quo and move outside their comfort zones.  As a result, participants are opened up to a broader world view and experience a shift in their perspectives. While most of the Center’s programs are fee-for-service and can be cost-prohibitive to some participants, CommUNITYworX is “pay as you are able” and open to all eligible applicants.

A typical experience includes an early evening arrival on Friday, after which students receive an orientation to the retreat expectations and engage in a series of ice breakers.  Saturday and Sunday both include community service, detailed discussion of racial identity models and correlating reflection exercises, “Emmaus Walks” (where young people go on a walk with someone that do not know well), and activities like the “Fishbowl”, where students are allowed to write down and ask anonymous questions of their peers they would otherwise not feel comfortable articulating.

Interested parties are encouraged to contact Kimby Heil for more information.