We could not do our WorX without these and other dedicated institutional partners.  Thank you!

Partner Spotlight: St. Joseph High School

St. Joseph High School (St. Joe’s) in Metuchen has been partnering with the Center for FaithJustice (CFJ) to send students on JusticeworX since 2013. Tracey Coudriet, the school’s JusticeworX coordinator, first became aware of CFJ when her oldest son, Carter, attended JusticeworX Trenton in 2012 with other students from St. Matthias Parish. When her son returned home and Coudriet discovered how much he enjoyed the experience, she was determined to start a partnership between CFJ and St. Joe’s.

In 2013, Coudriet took her first group of students from St. Joe’s and Mount Saint Mary Academy, St. Joe’s sister school, to JusticeworX Appalachia. The trip was so popular that she added a JusticeworX Trenton trip as an option for students in 2014. Coudriet chooses to send students on JusticeworX because she believes in the philosophy that we all have a calling to continue helping the less fortunate. While she personally appreciates the Catholic connection to the program, she knows that students of all faiths benefit from the programming because it speaks to our responsibility as a society to help those around us.

Coudriet goes to Dunlow with her students and loves witnessing their transformation throughout the week,

“I love sitting and just watching the kids. In the beginning of the week, they don’t know each other. By the end of the week, they don’t want to leave.”

The students’ investment in the people they serve and the people they serve with causes a remarkable transformation. She knows that students form lifelong friendships during their JusticeworX weeks. She laughs, “It’s amazing how many prom dates come out of these trips. It is a unique environment to get to know and to be around a brother or sister school.” Five years since his JusticeworX Trenton experience, her son is still very close with the friends he made that week; they visit one another at college and see each other at home during breaks. Coudriet knows that JusticeworX is a life changing trip that students will remember years after they return home.