The Center for FaithJustice offers three core programs: ServiceworX, JusticeworX, and LeaderworX, targeted at middle, high school, and college students accordingly.  Named for the biblical passage that inspired them “Faith without works is dead” (James 2:26), these innovative programs seek to engender in participants a deep understanding of systemic poverty and instill lifelong values of justice through the lens of Catholic Social Teaching.  In addition to these, we also offer speciality FaithJustice Xperiences and a weekly gathering of fellowship and prayer called Soup and Psalms.

Worx Programs

WorX is a long-standing part of SOFIA Youth Ministry. Participants serve those in need, participate in prayer and reflection and engage in critical thought concerning justice issues. Programs are age group specific.


ServiceworX participants harvesting tomatoes for a local food bank

Middle school students explore service and social justice through the lens of the Catholic faith. Skilled youth ministry staff facilitate engaging prayer services, lively discussions, and dynamic community service experiences.  We design and run the week-long, day camp style program at the participating parish or school, with outreach to local social service agencies and nonprofit organizations.  A fun-filled way to help young people learn the meaning of faith and service.



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JusticeworX Philadelphia participants celebrate a nursing home resident’s 100th birthday

High school students spend a week of their summer in an overnight setting exploring the Gospel call to build a more just world, participating in dynamic prayer services, building community with fellow participants and volunteering in the community. Students return home prepared and inspired to make service and justice central components of their lives.

Each year features new, engaging content, so veterans and newcomers alike will experience a unique and inspiring experience.

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LeaderworXA summer opportunity for young adults/adults with at least one year of college completed (21 and older for certain positions). Participants live in community, serve those in need and help lead youth ministry projects.  Provides personal and professional formation, leadership training and vocational discernment.

Young Adults seeking to discern how they can work for justice, peace and human dignity, begin careers as youth ministers or catechetical leaders or serve the wider Church are particularly good candidates for LeaderworX. LeaderworX is also a great opportunity for those considering a long-term service program, discerning how to make the world a better place, or just trying to figure out what’s next in life.

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FaithJustice Xperience

Collegiate and high school groups during the academic year are provided faith-based service immersions, primarily in Trenton, NJ. CFJ designs a customized program around the school’s schedule.

For more information or to have CFJ create and facilitate a FaithJustice Xperience for your group, please contact Mary Ann Ernesto.

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Soup & Psalms

Join us on Wednesdays throughout the year for an experience of evening prayer and community.  Soup & Psalms is a simple but powerful experience of faith and fellowship. Our schedule:

  • 6:30 – 7:15 PM – a simple meal (think soup!) in the Casa dining room
  • 7:15 – 8:00 PM – evening prayer in the ancient tradition of Vespers (think Psalms!) in the All Saints Chapel

We also invite everyone, whether or not you are able to attend Soup & Psalms, to let us include your intentions in our communal prayer.  Please send us your prayer requests online.

  Our goal is to turn our home into

your home, to build up the

community of faith and to dream

together the Kingdom of God as we

work for justice. 

Prayer is led by

Martha Dudich and ALL ARE WELCOME!

 Whether you can come once a year or every week, join us on our shared journey!

Registration is not required and there is no cost.



We hope to see you soon!




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