Why I Volunteer

Volunteer Spotlight: Tom Bartolomei

Tom Bartolomei and his wife, Joan, were first introduced to the Center for FaithJustice in 2010 by former Board member, Mary Vanderhoof.  They became weekly participants in our weekly Soup and Psalms gathering, consistent donors, and frequent volunteers.   Known for their generous preparation of S & P rice and beans, they contributed in so ways beyond just food!  Stuffing envelopes, mentoring LeaderworX, and praying for our success every step of the way.  Tom even joined us for a week of JusticeworX Appalachia in Dunlow, WV in summer 2014.  Of that experience, he says:

“The Center likes to use the word ‘transformative’ when describing the WorX programs. Before volunteering in JusticeworX Appalachia, I was pretty sure that referred to the students and Dunlow residents we were going to serve there.  After our week, though, I came to the realization that the biggest transformation was in me.”

After Joan passed in 2015, Tom found comfort in the embrace of our FaithJustice family and has since become even more deeply engaged in our WorX.  Last summer, he was a daily minivan driver on our ServiceworX programs, helping to transport the middle schoolers to and from community service.  He has also assisted on numerous days of service, both on MLK Day and with first-year students at Georgian Court.  Around the office, we frequently reflect on how “we can always count on Tom” – no matter how tedious and offbeat the request, Tom shows up in his WorX teee, with a wide grin, and always ready to answer the call.  We are so grateful for the gift of Tom and all of our volunteers!

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