WorX with Us

Summer Employment

Our summer employment opportunities primarily includes those individuals supporting the WorX programs in a leadership way. Called “Team Leaders” or “Team Leaders-in-Training,” these individuals oversee the daily operations of WorX trips, serving as a constant role model for participants, engaging and getting to know participants, leading prayer services and encouraging thoughtful reflections, preparing program materials, and attending staff meetings. These are both paid positions and require mandatory background checks and Virtus certification (provided by the Center).  If interested, please contact Mare Ernesto, Vice President of Programs and Outreach.

  • Team Leader – typically 25+ years old, experienced in working with our programs and/or youth ministry/similar work. Views program from the 30,000 foot level. Responsible for overall program management and daily operations of worX trip. Serves as a constant role model for participants. Handles parent interactions and concerns, deals with conflicts that may arise, offers team members feedback when appropriate, and is constantly keeping track of all participants; engaging participants/staff and getting to know them. The TL leads the prayer services, daily staff meeting, assigns responsibilities as necessary, has a pulse on the group as a whole – understands group dynamics and can support the staff, able to manage a crisis and think on his/her feet.
  • Team Leader-in-Training/Second Adult support the Team Leader, and at times might need to step into the role of Team Leader if the TL is pulled away. May be asked to help with program set ups each day; get supplies organized, stay back at host site to prep for dinner, rest (they might be asked to do “rounds” for the overnight programs during bedtime hours), serve as extra hands if needed to help keep the program running smoothly. If s/he is intentionally in the role of TL in Training, we would expect that s/he works closely with the TL; perhaps leads part of the staff meeting, after consulting with TL, might take the lead on handling any situations that come up (illness/injury, group dynamics, etc.). It is expected this person is never alone in making decisions, but when able to consult with the TL, can take the lead and process the experience with the TL (what did s/he do well or could do better, etc.). Ideally this person would have some time set aside each day to meet 1-1 with the TL for a check in/feedback/ideas.

LeaderworX is considered a summer volunteer opportunity for which eligible candidates receive housing, food, transportation, and a modest stipend.  Members of this young adult cohort staying at the CASA each summer, living in community and discerning their own role in this world as it relates to their passion, calling, ministry, career goals, leadership development, etc. These tend to be individuals in/just out of college (ages 19-24). “On the ground” staff, each working with small groups, assisting in large group programming, manage community time, icebreakers and team builders. These individuals should have a strong sense of not only their small groups (service/family), but also the group dynamics as a whole, the ability to think of their feet, the ability to identify signs (safety concerns for an individual or group, someone not feeling well, someone being left out, something not right at a service site), they need to be comfortable leading groups of participants that may be close enough in age to be considered in their same peer group.  Read more and contact Sabina Marroquin (’14, ’15), Executive Associate and LeaderworX Coordinator, today!