A dynamic summer opportunity for young adults interested in social justice and service bound with faith. Team members live in community, serve in diverse capacities, share their faith, and help lead youth on JusticeworX and ServiceworX trips.  In addition to serving others, LeaderworX are also educated for justice according to Catholic social teaching and are developed as leaders. Our team members receive spiritual and professional formation throughout the summer.

Young adults seeking to discern how they can work for justice, peace and human dignity, are interested in beginning careers as youth ministers or catechetical leaders, or desire to serve the wider Church are particularly good candidates for LeaderworX. LeaderworX is also a great opportunity for those considering a long-term service program, seeking how to make the world a better place, discerning a religious vocation, or just trying to figure out what’s next in life.

For more information, please see www.leaderworx.org.